BTS’s Jin Had No Idea He Had This Habit, Until A Fan Pointed It Out

A fan clued Jin into one of his own quirks at a recent fansign.

Sometimes, ARMYs seem to know BTS better than BTS knows themselves, and it happened again at a recent fan sign.


Last week, BTS held a number of fan events as part of their promotions for Map of the Soul: Persona. At one fan sign, a fan brought up one of Jin‘s most beloved habits.


Whenever Jin adjusts his glasses, he does it with finesse.


Instead of just pushing his glasses on the way most people do, this dapper prince gracefully rotates his hand…


…and gives them a delicate, little nudge.


This habit is as unique and mesmerizing as Jin is, so many fans have assumed that he started doing it on purpose. It turns out that Jin was totally unaware of it!


When the fan asked about this habit, Jin asked, “what [habit]?“. Even after she demonstrated, Jin still said he had “no idea” what she was talking about.


It’s possible that Jin was just been trolling. If not, the fact that he didn’t know truly comes as a surprise!