BTS Fans Have Found Another One Of Jin’s Quirky Habits

“Look at how he always twirls his hand before adjusting to his glasses o_o How elegantly weird…”

BTS‘s eldest member has many lovable quirks, but ARMYs adore this particular gentlemanly habit.


Fans have noticed that whenever Jin adjusts his glasses, he does it with finesse.


Instead of just pushing his glasses on the way most people do, this dapper King of Extra gracefully rotates his hand…


…and gives them a delicate, little nudge.


The gesture might seem affected, but Jin does it so often that he may not even be aware that he’s doing it!


After all, Jin is the type of person who naturally expresses himself with grand, dramatic gestures both on stage and in his daily life.


Everything about this kind-hearted goof is one of a kind…


…even little tiny habits like this one!


Jin’s elegant mannerisms are just one of the many things his fans love about him.


Jin has proven that he is “Worldwide Handsome” by pulling off (and putting on!) glasses like no one else. Maybe he should wear them more often!