BTS Jin’s Hidden Talent — Influencers Would Kill To Have It 

This skill would come in handy on the daily.

BTS‘s Jin is a man of many talents. He can sing like an angel…


…rap like a rebel, and put comedians out of work with his quick wit.

Since the universe clearly plays favorites, Worldwide Handsome is also a fantastic model.

There’s more to modeling than just looking gorgeous. It’s about knowing how to pose, how to work the light, and how to emote whatever feeling the photoshoot calls for. Jin excels at all of the above, and he can do it in record time.

J-Hope photographing Jin.

To get the perfect selfie, influencers often take dozens of photos, review them, and choose the best shot to share on their socials. Jin? Not so much! When BTS’s staff asked him to take a selfie, he casually snapped the pic and handed the phone back, barely looking at his photo.

| BANGTANTV/Youtube 

Here’s how it turned out, by the way. (Come, join us while we scream…)

Even Jin’s members can’t handle his quick-pic skills! When Jin shared this stunning selfie on Instagram, he let the whole world know how J-Hope felt about it.

| @jin/Instagram

Jin: j-hope said who takes photos that fast
J-Hope: he’s someone that looks good no matter how he takes a photo

The moral of this story? The world is Jin’s runway. The rest of us just live here!