BTS’s Jin Is That Hot College Guy We All Want To Sit Next To On A Plane 

Jin reaches peak handsomeness in these new Bon Voyage 4 photos.

“Excuse me, random stranger. I will trade you my airline pretzels and an organ of your choice for your seat.” As crazy as it sounds, this thought might pop up if you’re sharing a plane with Worldwide Handsome Jin!


On November 18, BTS released new (and slightly Photoshopped) behind the scenes photos from Episode 1 of their travel-reality show, Bon Voyage 4. The photos were taken during BTS’s flight from Korea to New Zealand.


Ordinary people don’t look like top models when they fly, but Jin is far from ordinary. He is extraordinarily dashing at all times because he is Jin. Period.


Throw a pair of stylish glasses and a laptop into the mix and ddaeng! You’re now sitting across from the hottest study buddy of all time.


Good luck concentrating on your homework! (You’re going to need it.)


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