BTS’s J-Hope Asks Jin To Give The People What They Want — His Abs

Hobi knows what’s up!

Get your protest signs and hashtags ready, ARMY. It’s time to beg HYBE to close its gym again!

BTS’s Jin

On March 10, 12, and 13, BTS will perform three sold-out PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE in Seoul. To prepare for the show, some members have been hitting the gym in addition to rehearsing for performances.

BTS | @BTS_bighit/Twitter

On March 6, Jin updated fans about his workouts in a live broadcast with JungkookV, and J-Hope. “I’m done learning the choreography,” he said. “but I’m bringing up my stamina level with working out. I went to exercise 5 days in a row.” 

Left to right: Jungkook, V, Jin, and J-Hope.

Of course, Jin just had to brag about his dedication. “When you all go home, I go to the gym,” he said. V pointed out that Jungkook also stays after practice, but Jin playfully shot this down, saying, “He stays and works on his music.” 

After hearing so much about Jin’s workouts, J-Hope made a request; “Can you show ARMY your abs at the concert?”

Now, hold on a minute! Jin was not prepared for this! He quickly backtracked, saying that his “abs” can’t be called abs. “I’m too thin for me to call them abs,” he replied. “Just the stomach.”

Is Jin just being modest? Perhaps, but ARMYs wouldn’t mind seeing the results for themselves!

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