BTS’s Jin, J-Hope, And Jungkook Went All Out To Expose Suga

Their stories reveal what really happened behind the scenes of Agust D’s “Daechwita” MV.

Suga‘s BTS BFFs are always there to cheer him on…and throw him under the bus?

Suga made his solo comeback as Agust D with his second mixtape, D-2 back in 2020 and also released a music video for its title track, “Daechwita”. Within two days of its release, Jin, J-Hope, and Jungkook all playfully exposed Suga’s true personality by sharing stories from the “Daechwita” music video shooting.

In the video, Jin and Jungkook play villagers who get into fisticuffs in the middle of the street. How did this cameo happen exactly?

According to Jin, Suga “begged” them to be in the video.

Although Jungkook didn’t confirm Jin’s most-likely fabricated story, he didn’t deny it either! Poor Suga wasn’t even around to defend himself.

It turns out that Jin and Jungkook aren’t the only ones Suga “begged” to be involved. During a broadcast of “Suga DJ’s Honey FM 06.13”, J-Hope also shared a funny behind the scenes story.

“Yes, as soon as I arrived, I saw Jin and Jungkook participating as cameos. Actually, Yoongi constantly asked me to come!” J-Hope said, laughing. “He really wanted me to visit the place.”

Suga immediately jumped in to deny this, saying, “No way! No, no. I didn’t put any pressure on you. You’re exaggerating.”

He can protest all he wants, but ARMY knows that Suga was thrilled to have his members on set with him. This photo is proof!