Kiss? BTS J-Hope’s Wish Is Jin’s Command…And Our Entertainment 

Jin turned words into action on set.

BTS‘s comedy king Jin strikes again!


Today, BTS released a new behind-the-scenes video for their Butter jacket shooting. In it, the members transformed into criminals undercover, fashion models, car washers, and beach boys for their Butter CD concept photos.


For their mugshots, each member held a placard with different numbers on it. J-Hope‘s number was a pager code for “kiss” in Korean: 뽀뽀 (bbo bbo). When he pointed this out…

…Jin immediately puckered his lips. (Anything for the fans, right?)

J-Hope’s “thank you, but absolutely not” reaction makes this moment even funnier!

(Perhaps, he was having a flashback of this accidental kiss?)

For more, check out the top 10+ moments from the shoot here, or watch the full episode below: