BTS’s Jin Shocks ARMY With His New Unexpected Talent

What CAN’T he do?!

BTS‘s Jin is full of talents. From his honey-like vocals that ARMYs know and love…

…to his positive personality and bright sense of humor…

…to his globally-acknowledged good looks, there’s nothing he can’t do!

Most recently, he can add another talent to that list as BTS’s king of Jenga!

Watch as Jin effortlessly removes the Jenga block in one swift motion with no hesitation.

Even the hosts become shocked at his boldness!

Normally in a game of Jenga, it takes time, precision, and effort to carefully move the correct piece.

However, Jin plays Jenga like he tells jokes: Boldly and unapologetically!

When it comes to games, Jin always has the upper hand…

…especially in video games!

That’s our gaming master, Jin!

| @BTS_bighit/Twitter