Here’s Why BTS Should Add “Metaphor Kings” To Their List Of Accomplishments

It’s all because of one chaotic conversation!

From breaking records worldwide to effortlessly delivering comedic gold to fans, BTS can do it all!

They proved that even their most chaotic conversations can end up giving everybody a lesson or two during one of their recent live broadcasts. Specifically, it all started when they discussed the pizza after the 2021 American Music Awards.

Jin noted the crust was too hard, which is why V often skips it altogether.

However, for J-Hope, the crust is the most delicious part of the pizza and should be enjoyed with the rest of it!

Jin dropped what he thought was a knowledge bomb on the members…but they didn’t take the bait for his hilariously inaccurate metaphor.

Do you eat a bone when you eat chicken?

— Jin

While some people might think pizza crust is the “chicken bone” of pizza, others actually eat it. Meanwhile, nobody eats chicken bones!

Do you eat chicken bones?

— J-Hope

It might be hard for ARMYs to ever eat a slice of pizza again without Jin’s metaphor coming to mind!

So, are you Team Pizza Crust or Team Jin?