BTS Proves Their True Brotherhood By Messing With Each Other — Even During The Most Important Moments

Like real siblings, they help each other…and troll each other. 🤣

BTS recently released behind-the-scenes footage of their trip to the White House to meet with President Joe Biden to discuss important topics including anti-Asian hate crimes. Taking on such important roles, the members felt their nerves rising as they all practiced everything they were planning to say.

The members were reminded of their appearance at the 76th UN General Assembly where they also were nervous about their speeches.

Jimin revealed that he was confident in his ability to memorize his speech, but due to his nerves, he wanted to double check on the paper in front of him. However, he quickly realized he messed up!

You know there’s a page? It was like two pages behind. I had everything memorized but my heart was racing so fast I couldn’t talk. So I was just going to read it off but… *looks down*

— Jimin

Even though the majority of them spoke in Korean at the White House, some members still had to ask for clarification on specific terms that appeared in English.

Jin, in particular, was responsible for mentioning “Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander (AANHPI) Heritage Month.” As expected just by looking at it, the term can be a mouthful — especially during a nerve-wracking speech. Noticing this, it didn’t take long for J-Hope to mess with Jin!

  • J-Hope: “Why are you so worried?”
  • Jin: “Of course I’m worried!”
  • J-Hope: “ANNHHH?”
  • Jin: “AANHPI! Don’t get me confused!”

The hilarious joke actually made it’s way into Jin’s head for the final speech! Luckily, everything still went smoothly.

I kept saying ‘AANHPI’  before I went but the members kept saying ‘AANHNH’ so I remembered that when I stepped up! I said, ‘AAN…HPI’ but I think you could gloss over that.

— Jin

Check out the full video below!


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