This BTS Q&A Edited Out A Hilarious Jin And Jimin Moment

This moment ended up on the editing room floor.

BTS‘s Jin is the king of reactions, but even he falls flat sometimes!


Episode 4 of BTS’s docu-series, Bring The Soul, features behind the scenes footage from an “Ask Anything Chat” with iHeartRadio.


When asked to describe the best thing about being in BTS, in a mushy way, Jimin gave this answer. The original video, however, doesn’t show the hilarious moment that happened between Jimin and Jin afterward.


When Jin barely gave a reaction, Jimin started laughing and shoving him like this.


According to RM, Jin didn’t know how to respond to Jimin…


…so Jungkook suggested a Jimmy Fallon-style reaction. Jin did not disappoint!


Check out the Q&A here: