BTS’s Jin And Jimin Are Two Very Different People After A Concert Ends

They couldn’t have been more opposite backstage.

BTS‘s Jin and Jimin are two unique, but equally fantastic, people who react to situations in very different ways.


In the last episode of BTS’s Bring The Soul docu-series, “Energy”, the members shared their final thoughts about the European leg of their Love Yourself world tour.


After bidding ARMYs farewell in Germany, the members went backstage to relax after the concert…


…but Jin had energy to burn! He sang lyrics from “Magic Shop”, while putting on theatrics. Meanwhile, Jimin…


…was totally out of batteries.


Later, Jin joined the staff as a camera operator to interview his members about their accessories. Jimin was still so tired that he gave this half-hearted “foot clap” when Jin asked for it.


A final shot of this energetic MC and boom — they were off to Paris for another adventure!


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