Jin Asked Jimin To “Be His Teacher” And Jimin Was So Not Ready For It

Worldwide Charmer put a new spin on “Boy With Luv”.

Nobody can resist Worldwide Handsome’s charms, not even his own members!


On June 7 and 8, BTS performed in Paris as part of their Love Yourself: Speak Yourself world tour. They gave fans many precious memories, including Suga‘s “caught in the rain” look, Jungkook‘s French serenade, and a flirty moment between Jin and Jimin.


During “Boy With Luv”, Jin makes everybody swoon when he sings, “come be my teacher”. Usually, Jin sings this line to ARMY, but this time he got his flirt on with Jimin instead!


Fans can definitely relate to Jimin’s reaction. He burst out laughing and covered his face with his arm!


Even though he was flustered, this dance king didn’t miss a beat. He smoothly transitioned into the next part of the choreography while smiling the whole time.


We’re not sure if we’d rather be Jin or Jimin in this situation. Either way, it would be a dream come true!