BTS’s Jin Starts A Ridiculous “Fight”…But Jungkook Finishes It  

Chaos reigns in the Joseon era!

Every friendship is different. Jin and Jungkook‘s involves hugging, kicking, and pestering each other every chance they get!

Jungkook and Jin

Whether the year is 2021…

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…or 1821, they are ready, willing, and able to fight each other!

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In Episodes 145 to 147 of Run BTS!, BTS pointed fingers and rattled off lies, trying to discover who among them was a thief. This episode was the best kind of mess, and so are the behind-the-scenes!

Jin and Jungkook could have sat peacefully sat next to each other, but no. Jin decided to smack Jungkook with his fan. Jungkook of course, slapped him back.

When Jimin asked for Jin’s fan, Jin vehemently refused to give it. Seizing his moment, Jungkook snatched Jin’s fan right out of his hand…

…and attacked! The moral of this story? Don’t give BTS props. They will be used as weapons!

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