BTS’s Jin Once Again Proves He Is The King Of Wisdom In The Latest “Run BTS!” Episode

He is a vending machine of stories!

In the latest episode of Run BTS!, BTS was split into teams and had to come up with their own versions of fairy tales with a story and illustrations.


Although all of the members seemed to fall in love with the task, one member seemed to have a natural flair for the challenge, and that was Jin. Before the other members could even get settled, Jin already had a story idea.


Although the character Jin created seemed simple, the story was anything but with a message and plot that could rival any popular fairy tale.

The main character of his story realizes that he only has one strand of hair and begins his journey to find it. On the way, he meets several characters, including a monkey, a tiger, and ghosts.


If the story itself wasn’t good enough, the meaning behind it was even stronger, proving that Jin is not only creative but cemented his status as the “Wisdom King.”

In conclusion, he learns what he has is the most precious. Don’t take what you have for granted, and don’t look for something too far away. This story’s lesson is that we need to cherish what we have now.

— Jin


If that wasn’t enough, it seemed like Jin had stories coming out of his ears and could think of fairy tales on the spot. At one point, Jungkook asked him to think of a plot based on the word “Muyaho” and then delivered after J-Hope asked for a story about a hot dog. 


On top of being a great idol, it seems like Jin has a future career as an author, and ARMY would happily listen to his stories all day!

Source: VLIVE


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