BTS’s Jin Knows EXACTLY What Fans Are Up To — Hide Your Memes!

Nothing gets past this meme king.

Fans might feel like they’re living on their own tiny planet, but BTS knows exactly what goes on in ARMY world!

| Chilsung Cider/Instagram

For instance, Jungkook found out about the famous “Euphoria” fan chant

…and Suga brought up ARMY’s misheard “cheesecake” lyrics for his solo song “Seesaw”.

Of course, it should be ‘repeating cheesecake’, right?

— Suga

Since Jin spends a lot of time on the Weverse app, it’s no surprise that he’s seen his fair share of memes, but his meme knowledge goes way back to BTS’s rookie days. Recently, a fan posted this hilarious “Hitman Bang introduces” meme of Bang Si Hyuk

…and it reminded Jin of another old-but-gold meme.

It’s like the photo where Jungkook is wearing goggles.

— Jin

This meme reached peak popularity during BTS’s early years, which means that Jin has been aware of ARMY’s activities for a very long time!

Is this shocking? Not really. BTS’s members are living memes, and they’ve known it since the beginning!