ARMYs Think BTS’s Jin Radiates “Main Character” Vibes After An Old Photo Of Him Goes Viral

Jin is definitely leading man material!

There is no denying that BTS‘s Jin has all the characteristics of a K-Drama main character. From his dazzling visuals, charming personality, and overwhelming charisma, there is just something special about Jin that people are drawn to!

BTS’s Jin

Recently, it seems as if that title has become more prominent, especially after an old photo of the group’s oldest member went viral again on Twitter!

Back in 2020, BTS attended the Grammy Awards and, as always, looked stunning. In particular, Jin caught the attention of fans after he appeared in a photo of country singer Billy Ray Cyrus and his daughter Noah Cyrus.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Noah Cyrus at the Grammy Awards | Grammy Awards

Although both are stars in their own right, ARMYs rightly couldn’t help but notice Jin in the corner of the screen! The tweet’s author rightly wrote, “This is Jin’s photo now,” pointing to the fact that even though he isn’t the main point of the picture, he managed to steal the attention!

After the tweet was posted, comments flooded under the post explaining that Jin radiated pure main character vibes in the photo. From his dazzling good looks and picture-perfect expression, there is no denying that he would be the perfect leading man in any K-Drama!

It isn’t the only time ARMYs have described Jin in this way, and it has happened so many times that fans think he deserves his own K-Drama or at least a part in one. In particular, he caught attention after the release of the trailer for the BTS game BTS World in 2019.

There is no denying that Jin positively oozes the vibes of a leading man, and even Korean media outlets have pointed to the fact that he would be the perfect K-Drama star! As always, it seems like Jin is captivating the hearts of not just ARMYs but K-Pop fans worldwide.