BTS’s Jin May Totally Love Games, But He Prefers Something Else Much More Now

What do you think it is?

When it comes to games, BTS loves playing around. They even had a full Run BTS! episode where they played with professional e-sports team SK Telecom T1.

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Eldest member Jin couldn’t keep his excitement at bay the entire time. When he went head-to-head against Faker, he showed off his skills and confidence against the pro.

ARMYs are well aware of his love for games as he was broadcasted enjoying them multiple times.

In BTS’s “BE Comeback Countdown”, however, Jin revealed that he doesn’t love gaming as much as before. Jungkook asked him what he what he was doing nowadays, and the older member said that sleep is his favorite thing to do.

I sleep the most these days. When I get off, I sleep like 12 hours a day.

— Jin

The maknae was surprised at his answer, asking, “You don’t play games?”. Jin affirmed this, saying that the thing he spends most of his time on is resting after a series of sleepless nights.

I sort of lost interest in games these days.

— Jin

To the eldest member, his needs have changed: “So I sleep the most”. He may go back to being a total game lover when his schedule eases, but for now, sleep is his priority!

I don’t really do other stuff. I think I mostly sleep when I get off.

— Jin

When asked to give a word to ARMYs who lack proper rest, Jin urged them to try to sleep—because he may visit them in their dreams.

I sleep because I become a fairy…so I sleep so that I can become a fairy and fly to you guys.

— Jin

Check out the full video below!


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