Want To Become More Confident? Try Doing What BTS’s Jin Does Every Morning

Work this step in to your daily routine!

After successfully completing the Magic Shop fan meeting in Chiba, Japan, BTS‘s Jin came online and broadcasted an Eat Jin episode — though he had already eaten dinner by then and so decided to bring a bottle of water as his menu.


In this episode, Jin realized that his skin looks flawless AF:

Guys… doesn’t my skin look amazing right now? I’m looking at my reflection on the screen and I look great.

— Jin


He then revealed his super special daily routine and pointed out that it gives him that very glow he flaunted in the camera throughout the broadcast.

You know, this is kind of embarrassing to say myself, but I do this thing… where I wake up in the morning and look at myself in the mirror. And I tell myself, ‘Seokjin. You’re so handsome. What are you going to do!’ I’m serious. That’s how I start my mornings.

— Jin


He playfully added that he even poses like this while he carries on this confidence-boosting ritual:

I pose exactly like this too. And I straight up tell myself, ‘Wow. You’re gorgeous. I’m so jealous. What are we going to do about that handsome face.’ And more.

— Jin


Then he cracked up at himself!

Ahaha, this is so embarrassing. You guys should try it too though, it’s really fun.

— Jin


While it sounds like he’s being his cheeky, worldwide handsome self, this “self-praise” routine actually helps with boosting confidence!

To be honest, in the morning, I kind of look ugly. I mean, I’m always looking at my face set to perfection with make-up. So without that, I do feel ugly. But I keep facing myself in the mirror and tell myself that I’m not so bad. And that’s how I start my mornings, with confidence. I’m telling you, it’s good for you! In order to be confident throughout the day, you need to make a habit of praising yourself.

— Jin


So how about it? Maybe toss in an extra minute or two in the morning to tell yourself that you, of all people, love yourself the most — because you, of all people, deserve the praise.


Watch the full live broadcast here: