BTS’s “Flat Peach” Jin Is Actually Much Rounder Than ARMY Thought, After Shaving His Head

Here’s how the illusion happened!

One of BTS Jin‘s cutest nicknames might need to undergo a few changes!

Lovingly called nabjak bonsoong-ah (납작복숭아) by ARMY, meaning “flat peach,” Jin’s hair resembled a flat peach after waking up from sleep.

BTS’s Jin

Flat peaches are mostly round, but have a squished shape compared to a regular peach.

Flat peaches |

When looking at Jin’s post-nap hairstyle, the nickname suits him perfectly! However, netizens recently discovered that this actually isn’t his true head shape: It’s an illusion from his hair.

Some of the photos from these times have even inspired hilarious fanart from talented ARMY.

When the recent video of Jin surfaced where he’s getting his hair cut, you can see just how round his head is!

Similarly, fans saw his true head shape during his military entrance ceremony. It seems his head is quite round! So, how is this possible?

| BangtanTV/YouTube

Fans found the new knowledge of Jin extremely adorable! It can only mean one thing: His thick hair was fooling everyone all along.

The back of Jin’s head I know←   →Jin’s actual head
The back of his head isn’t actually flat. It’s just that he has a lot of hair and he flattened them down, probably by sleeping on it all night.


Jin has thick hair, which might make it seem like his head has a flatter shape when it’s pressed down. However, in reality, his small head is round — He just doesn’t move much when he sleeps!

It seems “flat peach” is actually “round peach!” Either way, we love Jin’s fresh and fruit-like charms. 🍑

Source: theqoo