BTS’s Jin Passes Birthday Hat To TXT’s Soobin’s To Celebrate His Special Day

Whose gonna borrow the birthday hat next?

BTS‘s Jin celebrated his birthday at the 2019 MAMA Awards, and he received nothing but love on his special day.

Jin obviously had to savour the moment and make the most out of his birthday, so he celebrated by wearing the birthday hat.

J-Hope previously urged him to wear the hat to the red carpet the night before the award show in Jin’s birthday broadcast. Jin said he would think about it, but it looked like he had no choice in the end as J-Hope himself placed the birthday hat on Jin while on the red carpet.

ARMYs were obviously excited to see the idol wearing the iconic cake hat!

TXT‘s Soobin celebrated his birthday a few hours after the award show together with his members through a live broadcast.

He wore the same birthday hat Jin wore at the red carpet, and both ARMYs and MOAs are excited about this interaction.

Beomgyu shared that they borrowed the birthday hat from Jin so that Soobin could use it for his birthday too!

Soobin has previously talked about being a fan of Jin, and fans are happy for him for achieving the successful fan status yet again!