BTS’s J-Hope Let Everybody Know It Was Jin’s Birthday At MAMA 2019

Jin’s birthday fairy worked his magic on the red carpet.

If anybody didn’t know that BTS‘s Jin turned 27 on December 4th, they do now!


This year, the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards fell on Jin’s birthday, once again. BTS kicked off the celebrations with a live broadcast, where they crowned Jin with this adorkable cake hat. It was a gift from Big Hit Entertainment‘s staff.


J-Hope said that Jin should wear his hat on the red carpet. Jin didn’t reply, at first, but J-Hope insisted!


Jin finally agreed to wear the hat, but only if J-Hope asked their agency for approval first.


It looks like J-Hope got the “okay”! On the red carpet, he went up behind Jin and put the birthday hat on. Both Jin and J-Hope couldn’t stop smiling!


Thanks to J-Hope, everybody knows that MAMA was Jin’s birthday bash!


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