BTS’s Jin And Lee Yi Kyung Shared A LeJINdary Moment At MAMA

Jin’s friend unexpectedly sent him his “heart” at MAMA.

BTS‘s Jin got nothing but love at the 2019 Mnet Asian Music Awards!


This year, MAMA was held on December 4, aka Jin’s birthday, which made it more or less a party in his honor. One of Jin’s friends, presenter Lee Yi Kyung, is one of Jin’s many fans who showered him with love that day.


At one point, Lee Yi Kyung called out to Jin from the stage, while holding up a finger heart.


— Lee Yi Kyung


Jin just barely managed to into character as the camera cut to him. Stuffing down a laugh, he went into Prince Charming mode.


Looking straight into the camera, Jin confidently kissed his own finger heart and shot a finger gun. Only his reddening ears gave away his embarrassment!


Could he be any sweeter?