Jin’s Personal Trainer Reveals What He’s Like To Train At The Gym

Yang Chi Seung described what Jin is like as his client.

Fans have seen BTS‘s Jin do some fairly ridiculous things at the gym, but what’s he like when he’s actually working out?


On the September 5 episode of Happy Together, personal trainer Yang Chi Seung talked about what Jin is like at the gym. Yang Chi Seung has trained many ripped celebrities, including the members of 2PM and 2AM, and actor Kim Woo Bin.


Yang Chi Seung said that he changes his training style depending on his client’s personality.


He described Jin as a polite student, who does whatever he is asked to do.


Jin greets Yang Chi Seung so diligently, that it feels like they’re in a friendship rather than in a working relationship.


Check out the clip here: