BTS Jin’s Plans For His Holiday Allowance Proves He’s Forever Humble At Heart

He’ll always be Jin no matter how wealthy he gets.

Ahead of the Lunar New Year holidays, BTS‘s Jin updated fans on what he’s been thinking about on Weverse.

| bangtan.official/Facebook

In the update, Jin revealed to fans what he plans on doing with the Lunar New Year allowance he’ll get over the holidays.

Once I get my Lunar New Year allowance, I’m going to buy Maple Cash.

— Jin

Despite earning a significant amount of money, Jin expressed his excitement at the thought of spending the Lunar New Year allowance on the game, Maple Story.

| @BTS/Weverse

And the revelation just goes to show that Jin will forever be humble at heart.

| @BTS/V Live

Prior to his confession, Jin once shared a hilarious story about receiving an allowance from his relatives during the Korean Thanksgiving holidays.

Although his aunt wasn’t sure if it was necessary to give the world-famous Jin an allowance, she decided to give him the money anyway, which Jin planned to spend on Maple Story.

I was so thankful. I saved that money on my phone. I’m going to keep it safely and use it for Maple Cash.

— Jin

Jin is well-known for being obsessed with Maple Story, and he even made his status as a fan official by participating in a collaboration with them in December 2020.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

He even has his own series on YouTube where he works at Nexon, Maplestory’s creator.

So it’s safe to say that investing his allowance on Maple Cash is a pretty meaningful way to spend his money!

| @BTS/V Live

I guess we all know what Jin will be doing over the upcoming holidays as well.


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