Netizens Spot Predebut BTS’s Jin In These Music Videos

He acted as a clubgoer, a groom, and more!

The BTS members have made various appearances in music videos of senior artists prior to their debut. However, until recently, not many have known about some of Jin‘s most rare cameos!

| @BTS_bighit/Twitter

In the club scene of TEEN TOP’s “No More Perfume On You,” a familiar face can be seen!

| Teen Top/YouTube
| Teen Top/YouTube

Not only does his flawless profile give him away…

| Teen Top/YouTube

…so do his wide shoulders!

| Teen Top/YouTube

Once you see his silhouette, you can’t unsee the one and only “Worldwide Handsome!”


Another surprising role was when he played the groom in 2AM’s “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls” (Japanese Ver.) music video!

That groom seems quite familiar — ARMYs have seen the same scene in their dreams many times!

| 2AM/YouTube

Jin was clearly actor material even before debut. ARMYs can’t wait for the day he gets to show his acting prowess again!

Source: TheQoo