Jin’s Reaction To His Own Acting Couldn’t Be More Relateable

“Actor Jin” just couldn’t handle watching himself on video.

Few people enjoy watching themselves on screen, and Mr. Worldwide Handsome is no exception.


Jin is as theatrical as a Broadway musical, and he has confidence for days, but he’s also BTS’s shyest member, according to RM. When the focus falls on Jin, he gets easily embarrassed and his ears turn bright red.


On June 21, BTS released a special “Commentary Film”. It shows the members’ reactions to the K-Drama skit they filmed in episodes 74 to 76 of Run BTS!. 


Jin and J-Hope received the most praise for their comedic acting, but the more BTS complimented Jin…


…the more embarrassed he got.


The members especially loved the cute scene where Jin picks up the TATA plushie V gave him…


…but Jin could barely handle it!


Jin may not like seeing his own acting, but ARMYs would love to watch him in a real K-Drama someday!

“Actor Jin” Jumped Out And Now ARMYs Are Demanding A K-Drama