Jin Proves That He’s The Real Foodie In BTS

Jin surprised the members with his answers!

BTS‘s Jin is quite the foodie!

Jin has even surprised some people with how much he loves food. He once shared that he ate 30 plates of sushi, and this shocked 2AM‘s Changmin!

BTS recently played a balance game as the instrumental for “Permission to Dance” played in the background, and Jin proved that he’s the true foodie in the group.


When asked to choose between “share 1 ramyeon with 7 people” or “eat 7 ramyeon by yourself,” Jin hilariously picked eating 7 ramyeon and said, “Food is not for sharing!


All the other members picked sharing 1 ramyeon with 7 people, and a lot of them said it would be hard for them to eat 7 ramyeon alone!


Later, they were asked to choose between “breakfast” or “sleeping in,” and Jin picked breakfast!


This surprised some of the members, as all of them except J-Hope and Jin picked sleeping in! RM even commented that Jin’s “such a foodie!”


Here’s the full video below!