BTS’s Jin Told RM That He “Almost Got A Heart Attack”… But The Reason Wasn’t What RM Was Expecting

Jin was a little embarrassed after RM shared this story.

The BTS members love jokingly “exposing” each other on broadcasts, and RM recently shared a funny story about Jin.

BTS’s Jin

In a live broadcast, RM mentioned that Jin “almost got a heart attack during a shower,” and as soon as RM brought this up, Jin began laughing.

RM then explained that Jin recently came up to him and told him that he “almost got a heart attack” during a shower.

RM asked Jin to explain what was going on, and Jin just told him, “I looked at the mirror, and I was so good-looking. So, I almost got a heart attack.

Jin was a little embarrassed after RM shared this story, and he told him that he “shouldn’t have” told this story on the broadcast!

Jin then explained that his hair was wet after taking a shower, and he ran his hands through it. He then saw his face and was in awe!

Jin’s nickname is “Worldwide Handsome” for a reason!

BTS’s Jin
Source: Naver Live


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