BTS’s Jin And RM Have An Interesting Methodology To Calculating Their Science Scores

These types of nonsense jokes are only possible with these two!

BTS‘s RM and Jin, also referred to as ‘Namjin’, have some hilarious chemistry together that the fans love to see.

Previously, the members gathered together to create snow globes for each other.

The staff reminded the members to not fill the bottle to the top with the liquid.

RM, being curious, asked, “Why?”

Jin took no time to answer, “Because then it will overflow after you put in the objects!”

RM then stated, “Hyung are you a genius?” Jin took the compliment and answered, “Yeah~ I’m genius.”

Suga then asked what Jin’s score was in Science.

The answer? The score of 4. Jin previously mentioned that he received a score of 4 on a middle school science test in real life and was truly shocked by it.

RM spoke up, “I think my score was 96.”

A light bulb went on in Jin’s head as he responded, “Then if we add our scores it’s a 100?”

This nonsense method of calculating their science scores can only happen with Namjin!

Watch the full clip below!

Source: natepann