This Simple Conversation Between BTS’s RM And Jin Shows Just How Respectful They Are To Each Other

If our sons ain’t like them, we want a refund.

The BTS members have always been known for respecting each other despite having spent a long time together. RM in particular, is noted for always speaking in formal language to members that are older than him, despite being the leader of the group. During Episode 3 of In The SOOP, RM and Jin shared a sweet moment that had us swooning.

It was a simple conversation but it showed just how considerate they are towards each other. RM had been sleeping in, but Jin was worried that RM might be hungry. He went to ask RM if he wanted some seafood noodles a little later on.

  • RM: [snoring]
  • Jin: “Namjoon, do you want seafood noodles by any chance?”
  • RM: “Now?”
  • Jin: “About 30 minutes later.”
  • RM: “I’m good.”
  • Jin: “You’re good? Okay, got it. Get more sleep.”
  • RM: “Thank you for asking.”

While we’re amazed at how RM woke up just to reply Jin while he was sleeping, we’re also touched at how Jin worries for his dongsaeng. Our 13th reason was when RM thanked Jin for asking him when most of us wouldn’t think to thank someone close for such a simple matter.

Kudos to both boys for being the best!