BTS’s Jin Used An Incredibly Savage Method To Boost RM’s Confidence

“MC Jin” found his true calling: motivational speaker.

BTS‘s Jin gave a pep talk that left RM shook and ARMYs wheezing!


Jin’s tongue is as sharp as his face is handsome, especially when he’s been given the power to MC. On Episode 77 of Run BTS!, MC Jin blurted whatever came to his mind, no matter how savage it was.


BTS kicked off the episode with a memorization/charades game involving food. Each member had to act out their part, and if they made a mistake they were eliminated. The team with the last member standing would be declared the winner.


When RM complained about the game being too difficult, Jin broke him down and built him up at the same time!


Jin brought up the famous “Speak Yourself” speech RM memorized and recited for UNICEF at the United Nations last year. If RM can memorize that, a simple Run game shouldn’t be a problem!


At first, RM looked totally shocked by this attack…


…but the logic of “Mental Protector” Jin couldn’t be denied. Those blunt words gave RM the confidence to dive right into the game!


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