4 Moments In Which BTS’s Jin Was The King Of Savage On Weverse

We’re living for it.

BTS‘s Jin has lots of nicknames – JinHit, Worldwide Handsome, Car-Door-Duy, Pacific Ocean Shoulders, even Guy-In-Glasses. But two of his most lovable traits are simply, his sense of humor and how savage he can be. Here are 4 of his most savage replies to fans on Weverse.

1. “Get it together”

When a fan had told him, “Oppa, my house lights went out so I pasted oppa’s photo there and it’s shining…” Jin had simply replied with a simple “Please get it together“. Remind us to never call him if our electricity is out!

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2. “I’ll get taken in”

When a fan joked around asking, “Seokjin-ah, when are you forming your own country? I’m all ready to migrate,” Jin realistically stated, “I’ll get taken in.” A realist and a patriot!

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3. Funny story, that

Although we’re not sure of the context, a fan had told Jin he was extremely handsome. He has wittily replied with an anecdote of how he was gaming online and started praising BTS. However, someone else playing had replied Jin that BTS wouldn’t even know he existed! Not wanting to reveal his identity, Jin simply told him, “I see“.

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4. Water slap

A water slap is often seen in Korean dramas, where one character dramatically flings a glass of water across another’s face. A fan had asked Jin to do that to her. Jin was flabbergasted, replying with “No but why would I hit you?

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Jin’s savage personality is one of his most iconic and lovable traits to ARMYs. Here’s to more moments of hilarity on Weverse!

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