BTS’s Jin Says ARMYs “Like Them Dirty” And He Is Absolutely Correct

The scruffier, the better.

In the latest episode of Bon Voyage 4, BTS members gathered around the fire, under the star-glistened New Zealand sky — after having struggled all day to set up the campsite and prepare dinner.


With bellies full and faces warm, they slowly began to realize what a rough night it had actually been. And finally recognizing how “scruffy” they look, members — especially Suga — couldn’t help but chuckle at where their fates have led them.

I wonder how we look on camera right now. Like, to be honest, it has been three days out here and we look so…

— Suga


Speaking of scruffy, RM had a throwback to Bon Voyage 2 when the members visited Hawaii and looked like “country bums”.

RM: I feel like we’d look better than we did in Hawaii.
Suga: Nah, at least we washed ourselves in Hawaii.


With that said, J-Hope‘s ARMY-centered mind wandered off to questioning whether or not the viewers like seeing their not-so-glitz-and-glam visuals by the campfire.

Do you think the fans will like seeing us this way?

— J-Hope


When the members grew slightly discouraged by how dirty they must seem on the screen, it was Worldwide Handsome Jin who schooled them with the only correct answer:

Jin: It’s okay, fans like it better when we’re scruffy.
RM: Or that’s what we think.
Jin: Well, let’s keep thinking of it that way.


Yes. The fans like seeing BTS “this way”…


… and this way…


… and most definitely this way.


Some things work this way. The scruffier, the cuter!


Watch BTS’s most self-conscious moment here: