BTS’s Jin Truly Loves Big Hit Entertainment, Here’s Why

He candidly revealed why he loves BTS’s agency and takes pride in what they do.

BTS‘s Jin may have a reputation for breaking Big Hit Entertainment‘s rules, but this rebel genuinely loves his agency, and he isn’t shy about saying so.


On March 19, Jin chatted with ARMY while hosting another episode of “Eat Jin”. He answered questions, opened up about the loss of his sugar glider Odeng, and more.


After telling a story about hiking up a mountain with Jungkook to film an ARMYPEDIA video clip (that the staff ended up not using), Jin told fans, “I love my agency”.


He said that while many agencies work for money, Big Hit Entertainment works for ARMY. Jin is proud of the way the company is always working hard to come up with new ideas that BTS’s fans will love.


Jin acknowledged that some K-Pop fans aren’t fans of the companies their favorite artists belong to, but he feels that most ARMYs like Big Hit Entertainment.


“I think our agency is a good one,” he said. “I believe the agency is a nice one.” Jin also made it clear that he was saying all of this because he wanted to, not because he was asked to do so.


If Big Hit Entertainment has Jin’s stamp of approval, chances are it has ARMY’s too!