BTS’s Jin Scolded V For Congratulating Their Opponents 

Jin showed his competitive side on Run BTS!

Is good sportsmanship something to strive for? Absolutely not, if you’re Jin‘s teammate!


Jungkook is considered BTS‘s most competitive member, but he isn’t the only one who likes to win. When it comes to games, Jin loves winning…


…and he really hates losing!


In Episode 93 of Run BTS!, the members’ planned activities were rained out. So instead, they split into two teams (RMV, and Jin vs Jungkook, JiminJ-Hope, and Suga) to play a board game.


V is such a supportive friend, that he automatically clapped when the opposing team did well. RM laughed at V’s cute response, but Jin wasn’t having it!


“Why are you clapping!” he exclaimed, smacking V.


Poor V…


This “good boy” is just too wholesome for this world!