BTS’s Jin Had The BEST Reaction To His Win Getting Revoked

He learned that life isn’t fair.

BTS‘s Jin always plays to win, but sometimes things don’t go as planned!


On January 14, BTS‘s Run BTS! returned with its first episode of 2020. In Episode 91, the members played two guessing games refereed by MC V. In one game, they had to identify lyrics from their own songs after a computer recited them with foreign accents. In the other game, BTS had to name Run BTS! moments by hearing sound clips.


Guessing games? Bring it on! Jin is a pro, except when he’s not. Every time Jin gave a wrong answer, MC V briskly shut him down.


If anything though, that just made Jin more determined to win!


For this sound quiz question, Jin correctly guessed that the “Hello?” clip was from the run BTS! episode where BTS went to an escape room…


…but his victory was short-lived.  Jin got the “what” and the “where”, but he forgot to say “who”!


The look on his face was, in a word, priceless.


Jin is rarely at a loss for words, but this realization struck him speechless!


When Suga swooped in and stole his victory, Jin was on the verge of exploding.


As Suga would say, Jin’s tired of living in an unfair society!


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