BTS’s “MC V” Immediately Regretted Volunteering For The Job

V learned that MCing isn’t his calling.

Every variety show needs an MC, but not everyone is cut out for the job!


On January 14, BTS‘s beloved show Run BTS! returned with its first episode of 2020. In Episode 91, the members played two guessing games. In one, they had to identify lyrics from their own songs after a computer recited them with foreign accents. In the other, BTS had to name Run BTS! moments by hearing sound clips.


At the start of the episode, the director announced that whoever took the MC job would get perks. Perks? That was all needed to hear!


According to Suga, V had never hosted Run BTS! before, but it couldn’t be that hard…right?


Wrong. V had six very loud obstacles to overcome: his members! First, they pointed out how nervous he was.


Then, Suga said that an AI could be a better MC than V. (Ouch!)


When V kicked off the sound quiz with a monosyllabic intro, RM choke on his water then joined JinJungkook, and J-Hope is this spontaneous singalong!


Nearly everything V said made Jimin fall over laughing…


…and by the 11-minute mark, this MC was totally regretting his career choices!


MCing may not be V’s calling, but as always, his members praised him, and fans loved every moment of it!


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