The Story Of BTS Jin’s SM Entertainment Audition

One encounter could have changed his destiny.

Most fans know the story of how BTS‘s Jin joined Big Hit Music, but his SM Entertainment audition is a lesser-told tale.

Jin | HYBE

At age fifteen, years before Big Hit Music street cast him, Jin was approached by an SM Entertainment representative. Jin talked about his experience in an audio-only interview.

When the host asked Jin why he didn’t audition for the company, Jin revealed that he actually had. “Actually, I did it,” he said. “and they contacted me again, but I didn’t go.” 


As one of the biggest entertainment companies in Korea, SM Entertainment could have opened many doors for Jin’s career, so why did he turn them down? “Were you scared?” the host asked. “Yes,” Jin confessed.

“I’m hearing this for the first time,” RM said, and Jimin teased Jin, asking if he had made up the story. RM added, “Actually, he said he’d run away.” 

Young Jin wasn’t quite ready for stardom yet, but SM Entertainment’s loss turned out to be HYBE’s gain!

Listen to the interview clip here: