BTS’s Jin Has An Adorable Habit That Reflects His Consideration Towards The Staff

An angel.

On a recent behind the scenes clip, it was revealed that BTS‘s Jin had written his name in huge characters on his Thom Browne Galaxy Z Flip 2 from Samsung. Fans were shocked given that the phone costs over $3000 in a limited edition set. There are only 5000 sets of the phone available worldwide.

| BigHit Entertainment

Upon closer look, fans were reassured when they realized he at least, was drawing on a clear phone case rather than the phone itself. But a look back revealed that Jin’s had this habit for quite some time. He previously did the same back when they were still using the Galaxy Note series.

| @BTS_twt/Twitter

He had previously attempted to write his name on the Thom Browne Z Flip as well, but it got easily erased due to its smaller font.

| BigHit Entertainment

But there’s a touching reason behind this little habit of his – it’s to make the job of their staff easier. When the boys are about to go on stage or for schedules, they entrust their phones to the staff. Naturally, it’s easy to get confused with 7 phones to look after, so Jin got into the habit of writing his name on the console.

Not only is he handsome but also kind. What an angel!