BTS’s Jin Teases A Staff Member About Stealing His Spotlight

He wants everyone to know who the real star is.

Jin is the star of a little show called life, and he wants the whole “cast” to know it!

Break The Silence: The Movie takes fans behind the curtain and into the mind of each BTS member. From fears and struggles to triumphs and joy, BTS shares many intimate reflections with ARMY.

That said, the documentary has funny moments too. One happened backstage at the Rose Bowl in LA, when BTS was suiting up for the show.

As a staff member applied foundation to Jin’s face, he couldn’t help noticing her reflection in the mirror. “Your face is reflecting on the screen, but you can’t do anything about that, right?” he said playfully, making her laugh.

“Your face is showing more than the main star’s!” he joked. In other words, get out of Worldwide Handsome’s mirror, please and thank you.

Jin loves making people smile, but he also opened up about his “dark side” in the docufilm. Read about it here:

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