BTS Members Are So Darn Irresistible, Even A Netflix Show Is In Love With Them

We relate to the sentiment. Like, on a spiritual level.

In the second episode of Team Kaylie season 2 on Netflix, the show’s most pop-culture-savvy character Ray Ray, portrayed by actor Kai Calhoun, casually dropped not one, not two, but three BTS members’ names — showing how these K-Pop superstars have now become an inarguable part of the US mainstream!

Ray Ray is the one wearing a blue blazer.


While aboard a boat steering toward what is John Legend and Chrissy Teigen’s yacht, Ray Ray of Team Kaylie glows in the hopes of possibly meeting BTS.

Ooh, I hope the boys from BTS are there!

— Ray Ray


Ray Ray shares, while he would gladly take Jin or Suga any day…

I’m down with Jin and Suga, but…

— Ray Ray


… his ultimate bias is the one and only Jungkook!

I’ll legit die if I meet Jungkook!

— Ray Ray


And ARMYs watching from all over the world couldn’t have agreed more! Who wouldn’t legit die meeting Jin, Suga, or (insert gasp) Jungkookie?


Check out the cute scene below: