BTS’s Jungkook And Jin Got Spooked Backstage…Suga Was Unbothered

The contrast between their reactions is priceless.

Lately, BTS is full of surprises, like an unannounced “Black Swan” music video and a backstage broadcast!

On March 5, BTS took their fifth win for “ON” on M Countdown with a perfect score.

Backstage, JinSuga, and Jungkook went live with fans in a short but sweet broadcast called “ARMY, we miss you.” To prevent the spread of COVID-19, music show tapings are currently being filmed without an audience, which means ARMY couldn’t be there in person to watch BTS perform.

If there’s one thing fans have learned about BTS’s livestreams, it’s to expect the unexpected. At one point, Jin and Jungkook leaned back against a wall…

…and got startled by the clicking noise it made.

Suga, on the other hand, couldn’t have been less bothered by it.

ARMY is loving the contrast between their reactions, and it’s easy to see why!