BTS’s Jin And Suga Wore The Same Valentino Blouse And Jacket Together But Served Totally Different Vibes

Their outfits were so different!

The hyungs of BTS, Jin and Suga, have more than just age in common!

Jin (left) and Suga (right)

Jin and Suga are known for having opposite styles. Historically, Jin has often preferred bright and pastel colors, especially pink, while Suga likes darks, primarily black.

From left: V, Suga, and Jin

Yet, recently, they have rocked nearly the same fit, thanks to the Italian luxury fashion house Valentino. Both BTS members have worn the “Valentino Garavani Neck-Tie Silk Georgette Blouse” and “Valentino Navy, blue double-breasted blazer for Men,” which cost $1,900 and originally nearly $3K USD, respectively.

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| Valentino

Jin was the first to rock the two Valentino pieces last year.

Jin wore them to J-Hope‘s Jack in the Box listening party. He styled it with some retro-inspired denim pants, which were also from Valentino, which ultimately gave his outfit a subtle ’70s vibe. Yet, his accessories are what truly elevated to look to feel uniquely Jin. As usual, he carried his favorite bag from Louis Vuitton, and his Tom Ford belt completed the look, matching the jacket perfectly. His long hair with fringe also gave him a handsome but youthful feel that screamed, “Jin!”

Jin slayed this look, and at the time, we couldn’t imagine anyone else rocking it as well. Yet, Suga has shown up wearing nearly the same thing…

BTS’s Jin | @jin/Instagram

Suga is actually the ambassador for Valentino, so it’s no surprise that he would end up wearing the same clothes. Still, he made it his own.

Suga is the cover of the Marie Claire Korea May Issue. In one of the photoshoots for it, he wore the same jacket and blouse as Jin did to the party, but the rest of the styling couldn’t have been more different.

Not only is Suga’s hair styled totally differently from Jin’s, perfectly disheveled to reveal his forehead, but he opted for light denim shorts over pants. He also didn’t tuck in his blouse like Jin, which also helped maintain a relaxed look. His outfit is basically the clothing version of a mullet. He’s sophisticated AF at the top but fun and casual at the bottom. Very few people could pull off such a look, but Suga makes it look like it was meant to be. His black socks and boots also couldn’t be more perfect for him, adding that dark element we love about his style.

| Marie Claire Korea

It’s interesting to see how despite styling the same blouse and jacket together, Suga and Jin were able to make it look so different from one another by just changing the bottoms. Still, this wouldn’t be the first time Suga wore the Valentino blouse, either.

Previously, Suga made his debut as Valentino’s brand ambassador at the brand’s fashion show in Paris, France, in January. He wore the blouse but wore it with a different jacket.

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