Auto-Translations Sabotage BTS’s Jin And Suga Twice In 24 Hours 

They got lost in translation. Really lost.

Auto-translation services are supposed to make it easier for K-Pop idols to communicate with their fans, but sometimes Weverse says…

BTS’s Jin | @SamsungMobile/Twitter

“No. We don’t do that here!” 

BTS’s Suga

Fans love to hate the app’s less than accurate auto-translations. On the one hand, it’s better than nothing, but on the other hand…maybe not?

| Weverse

All auto-translators make mistakes, but Weverse seems to be on a mission to sabotage Jin and Suga this week! On February 4, a fan shared this gif of Jin and playfully asked him why he is closing his eyes while saying hello.

In reply, Jin said that closing your eyes in that situation follows the same logic as closing your eyes while bowing your head to say hello. Some fans were unsure what Jin meant (was he referring to his own habit?)…

| Weverse 

The same reason you close your eyes when you bow your head and say hello.

— Jin

…but Weverse had no clue.

| Weverse

Yes, we all like to keep our eyes on our faces. If your eyes are anywhere but your face:

| Weverse

Less than 24 hours later, Suga complimented a fan’s sketch of him by saying, “You have golden hands!”, meaning they’re talented.

| Weverse 

Instead of relaying the message, Weverse spat out this savage translation. Why? Maybe it envies ARMY’s talent!

| Weverse

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