BTS’s Jin Pulled The Age Card When He Was Losing Against T1

Jin was struggling!

When Korean League of Legends team T1 guested on BTS‘s variety show, Run BTS, there were many hilarious moments.

On T1’s official YouTube channel, they released some highlights of when they played the game Gang Beasts with BTS, and there was a hilarious moment where Jin pulled the age card.

BTS’s Jin

During the game, Jin was struggling against some of the T1 members (Cuzz and Faker), as they wouldn’t let go of his character.

| T1/YouTube

While Jin was struggling, his opponents just laughed.

| T1/YouTube

Jin then gave a hilarious statement, as he told his younger opponents, “Respect your elders. Let go of my (character’s) moustache“.

| T1/YouTube

Jin’s teammate was eventually able to save him from the grasps of Cuzz and Faker.

| T1/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!