BTS’s Jin Thanks J-Hope With The Most Thoughtful And Well Deserved Award Ever

“This award is in recognition of your work…”

In BTS‘s 2020 Season’s Greetings, Jin the Oldest Hyung gave J-Hope the Sunshine a very special gift — and ARMYs can’t handle the feels.


As members took turn to “award” their randomly picked pair for the good he did in 2019, Jin  highlighted J-Hope’s much needed and appreciated role in the group. Jin titled J-Hope the “Next Leader” for his dedication to taking care of the members and keeping things positive among them.

[The Next Leader Award] Name: J-Hope
This member has taken care of other members’ mental well-being and maintained the team’s overall positive vibe. This award is in recognition of your work in always providing stability for the other members. 2020 Season’s Greetings BTS Jin.

— Jin


When Jin called out J-Hope’s name to present the award, J-Hope seemed extra surprised…


… especially because he had drawn Jin in the random selection too! J-Hope presented Jin with the “Kim Seokjin Award”, for being the dream, hope, and happiness of BTS.

[Kim Seokjin Award] Name: Jin
This award is in recognition of Kim Seokjin and how in his name, he provided dreams, hopes, and happiness for the members. Team Kim Seokjin forever! 2020 Season’s Greetings BTS J-Hope.

— J-Hope


No wonder they make such good buddies — they’re bound by destiny!