Jin Thought BTS Were Over When No One Came To Watch His Broadcast

Silly Jin!

In the latest Eat Jin content uploaded to BTS‘s live broadcast channel, BTS’s Jin went through a mild panic attack, thanks to a technical mishap — and ARMYs are cackling at his explanation of what exactly went down.


Right after the group’s 5th Muster “Magic Shop” event in Chiba, Japan, Jin came online to host a quick broadcast for ARMYs who couldn’t make it to the fan meeting. In the very beginning of this broadcast though, Jin looks bamboozled for a few seconds…


… before he lights up with a smile and says hello to ARMYs entering to watch.


Later in the broadcast, Jin explained why he went through that brief moment of panic:

You know, there’s a funny story behind this very broadcast. So our staff usually holds on to this camera. When I said I want to do a live broadcast, the staff came to set up the camera for me.

— Jin


When Jin turned on the app for broadcasting, however, he was in for a frightening surprise.

When I turned the camera on… for the first minute, no one came to watch.

— Jin


Jin playfully admitted that he got scared that he was no longer relevant!

So I thought, oh man. BTS must be so over now. My fame is gone… But even after a minute, not a single person joined. I thought, maybe in a minute’s time, I’d have at least a hundred viewers… You know? Even in the worst internet connection conditions… I thought I’d have some viewers. Where did everyone go?

— Jin


That’s when Jin became aware of the “Rehearsal” feature on the live broadcasting application. He had been talking to himself, worrying his butt off, thinking his fame had fizzled away… all the while rehearsing!

So yeah… I was talking to myself for over a minute, saying how no one has come to watch me and blah blah. Then I noticed that it said I’m in a rehearsal!? I had no idea there is a rehearsal mode!

— Jin


Jin was extra proud to share that he personally figured out how to quit rehearsal mode and go live live!

Me, being a trendy tech-savvy person, figured out how to make it work!

— Jin


This Eat Jin episode already has over 3M views. Looks like Jin can relax — his fame is far from being over!


Watch the full broadcast here: