BTS’s Jin Threw His Water Bottle At The Audience, Here’s Where It Went

It found a forever home.

BTS‘s Jin is a master of water bottles, because he knows exactly how to splash the audience with the right amount of water at the right amount of speed – enough to hype up but never too wet.


And at the Wembley Stadium concert in London, Jin showed off his water splashing skills again – blessing the fans with mist from his water bottle. He then tossed the empty bottle into the audience…


… and this lucky ARMY caught it.

Twitter user @seokjingersnap took the bottle home and made sure it was well rested…

… before putting it on display for perpetual appreciation.


The water bottle now has a name, of “Jin’s Yeeted Water Bottle”, and there is even a vote going on to determine the brand of the bottle. Most voters seem convinced that it is a “Volvic” bottle.

Korean ARMYs are in love with @seokjingersnap for keeping them updated on the whereabouts of the yeeted water bottle – and they’re definitely taking notes on how a Jin-blessed bottle should be handled and preserved!