BTS’s Jin “Triggered” Jimin When He Revived One Of His Most Iconic Early-Era Moments

This wasn’t the first time it was brought up by BTS!

BTS has many moments from their past that they find “embarrassing,” and when these moments get brought up, they often have hilarious reactions. This was the case when Jin brought up an iconic Jimin moment!

BTS’s Jimin
BTS’s Jin

BTS once played a game where they tried to do the same pose when given a keyword. One keyword they were given was “Jimin.”

| BTS shooky kookoo/YouTube

The members did various poses. Jin decided to imitate an “embarrassing” moment from Jimin’s past.

| BTS shooky kookoo/YouTube

At a concert in 2014, Jimin screamed to the audience, “Ayo. Everyone, who am I!” BTS has reacted to this moment before, and they all laughed and cringed, especially Jimin!

When Jimin saw Jin imitating this moment, he ran towards him and jokingly “attacked” him!

| BTS shooky kookoo/YouTube

Jin found this hilarious, and he kept laughing even after Jimin let him go!

| BTS shooky kookoo/YouTube

Here’s the full video below!


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